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@WENDi Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, with 4GB eMMC Flash£¬Quad-core CPU for Fast Speed Processor



Price: $129.99
(as of May 19,2024 12:02:35 UTC – Details)

Why You Need It?
The Compute Module 3, within a 200 pin SODIMM design, simplifies the design process engineers need to undertake when developing a System on Module (SoM) solution into their final product. As you built your project you do not need to concern themselves with the complexities of interfacing with the BCM2837 processer directly and instead can concentrate on designing the interfaces to their own IO board and their application software. This simplicity fosters rapid development. Features Broadcom BCM2837 processor 1Gbyte LPDDR2 RAM 4Gbytes eMMC Flash 35u hard gold plated IO Pins

-Compute Module 3 x1
Compute Module 3, Raspberry Pi 3 in a flexible form factor, with 4GB eMMC Flash.
Processor speed of 1.2GHz and runs at roughly 10 times the speed of the Pi 1 due to its quad-core CPU.
More GPIOs and interfaces are available as compared to the Raspberry Pi.
BCM2837: 64-bit 1.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.